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Welcome to Maya Cosmetics! Welcome to beautiful and cute nail art and colorful polish store. You will find here everything you need to make absolutely stunning nail creations and with awesome prices and free shipping too! Is there a catch? No, just try our nails and be delighted with this stunning nail art.

We have great selection of colours in our nail polish. Choose from more than 200 different colours and texture to freely match nails with your style, clothes and hair colour. Whether you are looking for neon, bright and cheerful colours, or maybe something more classic, suitable for serious business meeting, you will find it here.

Check our section of nail stickers for very interesting ideas for your new manicure. Using our supplies you will easily apply gorgeous looking decals and colorful transfers which would give your nails extraordinary effects. Pick from many designs and materials from 3D rhinestones to colorful water decals.

And don't forget nail equipment. Whether you are quipping your studio or looking for something as individual, you'll need tools like brushes, tweezers and very affordable nail lamps. In fact, you can buy one, for less than 10 bucks.

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